Celebrate small wins!


Robin Sharma once said,

“5 small wins a day leads to 1,850 wins in 12 months. Consistency breeds mastery.”

Being defeated is not an easy task for anyone. Being defeated by your own body?! Undeniably awful. We’ve all been there, either big or small. But I think most of us can also say we have overcome the defeat. Overcoming doesn’t have to mean you’re back to your old 100%, maybe you adapted and you’re at your new 100%! Now think back to your journey of overcoming the defeat, did you give yourself credit where credit was due? Did you celebrate ALL of your wins in that journey.

At UBE we like to celebrate any and all wins! It’s important for us to work alongside you to listen to your body and adapt to whatever it may need. During the course of a patient’s care, our therapists will evaluate frequently and may continually adjust a treatment plan in order to challenge the patient and improve their condition. With Physical Therapy, a small win will eventually lead to functional movements that you are able to see and feel.

Wins that we are seeing as “small“, are wins that our bodies worked so hard to accomplish. Think of how much you could accomplish with 1,850 wins!!! As the new year keeps rolling in, let’s celebrate together ALL that we accomplish!

P.S A win, is a win, is a win!!!