End of the deductible year is fast approaching!


As the end of the year approaches we wanted to remind you about your healthcare insurance to make sure you get the most out of your benefits.
Most health insurance deductibles will reset to $0 at the beginning of every calendar year. Just a quick reminder, a deductible is the amount you are responsible for before your insurance company will start paying healthcare bills.
We wanted to make sure you are maximizing your health plan as the end of the deductible year is fast approaching.
For those who have met or almost met your deductible, most insurance plans will reset at the beginning of the calendar year, meaning in just a few weeks your deductible will reset back to 0. If this is you, it is wise to consider coming in to see us to take care of that nagging injury you’ve been putting off before the New Year comes!
There are also some things to be aware of if you have FSA. If you have a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) through your employer, don’t forget this is on a ‘use-it-or-lose-it’ terms. Funds from this account will not roll over from year-to-year.
A final reminder is that being pre-emptive with your health is just as important has being pre-emptive with your money. So, as 2018 comes to an end take care of yourself and use all your health care benefits available to you to keep in good health. UBE is here to help with any insurance questions you may have or to get you in to see our Therapist to take care of that nagging injury! You can reach our office on (207) 992-4000 and also find us on the web at www.ube-more.com.

Who’s your workout partner?



This week we wanted to turn the focus of the blog to fitness! And the only thing better than fitness is fitness with a friend. So, I asked UBE employees, “If you could workout with anyone in the world who would it be and why?” and this is how they answered:


Cat: Schaeffer Grierson – Bangor renowned personal training superstar

Will: Kai Taylor, my favorite athlete

Schaeffer: Dirk Nowitzki

He has a hard work ethic, and believes in putting in the work to get the results. He is dedicated to his teammates and his city and has been since joining the NBA. I believe his qualities in both his personal life and work life are something to admire.


Jemily: If there were one person I’d train with it would have to be Stefi Cohen. She currently is a doctor in physical therapy; a 20x all time record holder, and a businesswoman all at the age of 24.

Not to mention she is now one of the strongest female power lifters in the world, with a deadlift that surpasses 4x her body weight. She was able to lift 525lbs for a deadlift with straps at a 125lb body weight and just had her best deadlift performance of 507lbs in competition.

Not only does she work on the big three lifts, but her background as a physical therapist and certified CSCS coach gives her insight on important rehabilitation movements to focus on and how to train your body for optimal recovery and performance all across the board.

Personally, I (Mollie) would choose my mom, and I am fortunate enough to do just that everyday! I like working out with her because she’s not afraid to push me..and she always tells me how strong I am (moms always right, right?!).

We’ve all either experienced or seen it happen before, pushing through that last set of burpees, hitting that last rep on the squat, or simply working out with a smile. According to recent scientific studies, working out with a buddy increases the effectiveness of your workout. A Michigan State University researcher actually did a study that resulted in a 90% (NINETY) increase in the participant’s performance when working alongside a partner.

As these cold months move in and the idea of getting in to the gym seems to be a little further away than usual, phone a friend. Alternatively, check in on your buddy! As human beings, accountability and peer pressure work their magic on us, let this work in a good way. And if your buddy can’t make it one day, no sweat, UBE trainers are usually pretty good company!! We always accept “phone a friend” calls, so call or stop in anytime!

Hope to see you soon.

Stay strong, Mollie